Sonrisa Living Yacht Charters has no formal itinerary or schedule, we are at your service to suit any reasonable travel plan that fits your timeschedule, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.
3 nights / 4 days is the bare minimum we would consider, ideally to visit the Espiritu Islands National Park, which is around 3 hours from Costa Baja Marina. We would suggest 4 nights and 5 days which would encompass the following;
• Depending on arrival time we either depart directly for the Islands or spend the first night in the Costa Baja Marina, which has an excellent beach club, pool and several good restaurants. If requested we can arrange, at a considerable discount, accommodation at the Costa Baja Hotel.
• Depending on weather conditions we can sail to our favourite, normally, deserted anchorage at Playa Bonanza on the South East of Espiritu Santo Island. Crystal clear water, miles of crisp white beaches, excellent walking tracks are all available. Beach BBQ with freshly caught fish ??
• A few hours up the West Coast of Espiritu Santo Island or onto Isla Partida there are numerous quiet beach anchorages along with a must see trip to the Seal Colony at Los Islotes
• Depending on your travel plans we could return on your last day or the evening before if an early start.


For those that are more adventurous, with more time available and wish to visit excellent cruising around Loreto, some 100 miles to the North of La Paz (served by International flights) we can happily arrange for Sonrisa to meet you there – please contact us for details.


Seasons and Preferred times to visit
There are two predominant seasons here in La Paz, with a month or so change over for each.
• Summer, from early June to the end of October. Temperatures are particularly hot, high 30’s C from July to the end of September – this is also Cyclone season. Winds are generally calmer than winter with water temperatures in the high 20’s C
• Winter from December to the end of April. Days are pleasantly warm, normally in the high 20’s C, while nights are cool. Winds are predominantly from the North and can get quite brisk, up to 20 knots. Water temperatures are fresh in the high teens and low 20’s C
• May and October are the changeover months when winds can be rather variable.
For us the best month is October – hopefully no cyclones, water is warm and days are hot but not unpleasant with cooler nights.